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5 luglio 2015, Teatro Club Città, Tokyo (Japan)


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The CD

I made this musical work using only the accordion and was a long time that I wanted to do it. It was the instrument with which I started playing with my dad and teacher Federico unfortunately died recently, who initiate me to press on the white and blacks keys at the age of three. At that time we were in the second half of the 50s, hard times to find beyond the folk or dance music, adequate contexts that would allow this instrument a wider range of expression and recognition.

I remember however compositions of that era of absolute excellence of authors such as. Deiro, Frosini, Fugazza and masterful interpretations of Gervasio Marcosignori in those years rightly called the poet of the accordion. Under the guidance of my dad I started studying from these traditional music then that I still carry inside and whose influences can be found in some tracks on this CD. The practice of music theory, however, although it was certainly needed ,in order to find more fun and so encouraging my mind and ears I often went in search of sounds and chords that I could, only recreate using his 120 bass accordion, but that because of the age, I wasn’t able to keep normally the accordion that I bizarrely played in knees resting it on the couch.

In some way with more than 50 years later I used a similar approach for the realization of this disc, without the difficulty to hold the instrument, but with undiminished desire to search for new sounds. I have used various techniques of execution and processing of sound, alone or in overdubbing, sometimes with insertions of simple percussion on the body of the instrument or puffs of bellows without any other musical instrument acoustic or electronic added: a personal challenge to the research of sounds and atmospheres from one accordion.

This disc is not attributable to a specific genre of music and all the songs except for three, still replicated with my personal arrangements and transcriptions, are my original compositions. In closing the disc I inserted a short excerpt of a recording made in July 1960 with the obvious technical limitations of a tape recorder GELOSO G255, where at the age of five years was playing in a duo with my dear father and teacher Federico.
If today I can continue to live this magical world of vibrations I owe it to him.

Thanks Dad

April 2014, Piero Mortara

I played an accordion Dallapè Supermaestro V - M.Y. 1985


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